How Can We Work Together?

Below is an overview of my process for working with clients.

Step 1 involves setting up the systems that will work for us in Steps 2 through 6, which comprise the monthly components of an ongoing and evolving content marketing initiative.

Step 1. Define Strategy + Set Up Systems

The first step to working together on your marketing is to define your goals and the content marketing strategy that will help us achieve them.

Once we’ve crafted your overarching marketing strategy, we lay the groundwork by setting up the platforms and processes required for a well-oiled content marketing machine. This can include setting up elements like your:

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Social Media Scheduling Tools
  • Email Marketing Platforms
  • Landing Page + Sales Funnel Platforms
  • Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

After the setup stage is complete, it's time to launch and refine your content marketing management system!

Step 2. Plan Content Calendar

The monthly management process starts with a content calendar, which specifies dates for social posts, emails, blog posts and all other free and paid (i.e. courses) content.

The content calendar helps us manage the content development process, ensuring graphics are designed, copy is written, and content goes live on time.

Click here to get your free content calendar template (in Google Sheets, so convenient!) and step-by-step guide to using the template to plan all your social posts, blog posts, email campaigns and more. :)

Step 3. write + design Marketing Content

Depending on your needs and preferences, your brand’s content marketing mix may include any or all of the following:

  • Social Media Graphics, Videos and Copy
  • Blog Post Graphics and Copy
  • Ebooks, Infographics and Reports
  • Landing Pages and Sales Funnels
  • Newsletters and Autoresponder Emails
  • Online Course Materials

Because you don't want to be be too “me me me” in your marketing efforts, I also curate and share third party content that will be useful and relevant to your audience and your brand.

Step 4. Publish + Promote Your Content

Per the calendar, content is shared via your website, social media profiles, and marketing emails. Several years ago, a marketer may have been able to do the above and call it a day. Not anymore!

It's a noisy Internet out there and social networks are becoming increasingly pay-to-play, making a strategic social media advertising strategy key to reaching your audience.

The good news is that even a small ad spend, allocated on high-quality content presented to a targeted audience, can help you break through the noise and drive a higher ROI with your marketing efforts.

Step 5. Analyze Results + Refine Your Content Plan

The final step of this monthly process is to see what worked: what results did you get from different content pieces, marketing channels and advertising initiatives?

Knowledge is power, and knowing where to allocate next month’s efforts and dollars is the key to making sure your content marketing machine is bringing in more customers month after month.

Interested in Working Together?

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