Growing Up, We Moved Around A Lot.

Born in Atlanta to Anglo-Argentine parents, my family moved to Istanbul, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and finally, Curitiba -- all before I turned 5 years old!

When I was 10 I launched The Pet Gazette, a magazine about my dogs, birds, and hamster that I wrote and designed on Microsoft Publisher each month -- then distributed to family and friends. In retrospect, this was the first sign of what would become a passion for writing, design, and marketing!

I lived in Brazil from kindergarten until high school graduation, when I moved to Atlanta to study Business at Emory University.


in college, I Fell in Love with  a "new" form of Marketing.

I was fortunate to start my studies during a time when traditional marketing was giving way to the wonderful world of content marketing that we know and love today.

I took the first Social Media and Digital Marketing classes offered by Emory’s Goizueta Business School, and graduated with a dual concentration in Marketing and Information Systems in 2009.

This early exposure and passion for this up-and-coming form of marketing led me to internships in Content Development and Digital Marketing at Pardot and L’Oreal, followed by my first full-time job at the NYC-based cosmetics giant.


2 years later, i started my own business.

In September of 2011, I left the cubicle to embark on my entrepreneurial adventure -- and I've been helping companies with their content marketing efforts ever since.

I am grateful to get to work in an industry that combines my passions for business strategy, consumer psychology, design, and writing.

Besides my professional interests, I also love traveling, spending time with loved ones, and creating music!

Here’s one of the songs I wrote a long time ago and recorded on my iPhone:

No, those aren't my kids -- they're nieces and nephews. That's not my bird either, it just flew up to the balcony one morning -- gotta love Australia! The photo on the left is from one of the coolest experiences of my life -- playing an original song at Whisky a Go Go in LA during Rock Camp in 2012!

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