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Hello! I'm Georgina.

For over 6 years, I've been helping brands sell more things through the power of eye-grabbing, click-enticing, take-my-money-already content! 

When it comes to getting your ideal customers to look at, click on, and buy your stuff -- words matter.

So does the "packaging" of your content. The design quality of your ebooks, graphics, blog posts, videos, and other forms of content has the power to erode or elevate your brand's credibility.

You want content that stands out in an increasingly noisy online world, piques the interest of your target audiences, and ultimately -- inspires them to gladly bust out their credit cards.

Giving your ideal customers something awesome for free is the best way to get them to like you, trust you, and want to buy from you. #ContentKarma

This is why you want an expert copywriter, content designer, and strategist on your side!

why invest in awesome content marketing?

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  • Attract Ideal Clients: Through the power of words and designs that catch their eye, tug at their heartstrings, and open up their wallets.

  • Grow Your Audience: Get more followers and email subscribers through content that makes them think “I want more of this brand's awesome free stuff!”

  • Make More Sales: Get people to think “I’d pay for this brand's not-free stuff” because you’ve built a real relationship with them through their email inboxes and social media feeds. Once they like and trust you, they'll be much more willing to give up their hard-earned cash when they see your irresistible offers.

  • Feel At Peace: Know that your content marketing is in good hands, with your blogging, video creation, social media, and email marketing initiatives all planned in advance. Your online platforms will be kept active throughout the month, building relationships and driving sales for your brand without your needing to worry about it!


Depending on your needs and budget -- your marketing mix might include blog posts, social posts, email newsletters, videos, ebooks, infographics, landing pages, and other forms of content!

Georgina Taylor Content Marketing Services

I can help you come up with a smart content repurposing strategy that allows you to get the most out of the content you create by recycling it on different platforms, in different formats, targeted at different types of people at different moments of their customer journey.

  •  For example: a snappy 30-second video could be used on social media to catch the eye of someone who's never seen your brand before.

  • The link in that social media post could send people to a meaty 1,500 word blog post on your website that provides major value, getting people to further like and trust your brand.

  • In your blog post, you could have a call-to-action button inviting people to download a valuable 10-page ebook in exchange for their email address, at which point they become a lead that you can nurture into becoming a customer through your email marketing initiatives.

The video, the blog post, and the ebook could all be built upon the same body of knowledge, repurposed into different types of content for different platforms and purposes.

Yay for saving time and energy, without sacrificing quality! In fact, your overall strategy can only benefit from content cohesiveness across all your marketing platforms.


1. Content Strategy and Creation: I write and design the content that will make your brand shine and your audience smile, you manage the publishing and promotion parts of the process.

This package is ideal for companies who already have a marketing person (or people) handling the operational side of their digital initiatives. I can help you feed the online marketing machine with content that's tailored to your ideal clients!

2. Content Strategy, Creation, and Management: In addition to content writing and design, I can also help you manage the publishing and promotion aspects that are critical in making sure your content actually gets seen by your target audience. (After all, if a fabulous blog post falls in the forest and there's no one there to read it...)

This may include things like publishing blog posts on your website, sharing posts on your social media platforms, running targeted Facebook ads, and emailing newsletters to your subscribers.

some kind words from lovely clients:


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